Imagine making the beach part of your everyday life. Now add Mediterranean food, Greek culture, welcoming locals and some of the best infrastructure for remote working in Europe and you might just have found your new home.


Wake to the weather in Greece every day

Are you ready to enter a sunshine state of mind? Ok, you’ll already know about the legendary Greek summer but the real joy of living in Greece is you get to have the Mediterranean climate all year round. Spring and autumn are probably Greece’s best-kept secrets when it comes to maximising leisure time and winters are mild (although that doesn’t stop you from nipping to the mountains for some snow skiing).

How does living somewhere with more than 250 sunshine days a year sound? Thought so.


Athens, GR
13:19, July 18, 2024
temperature icon 37°C
clear sky
Humidity 25 %
Pressure 1012 mb
Wind 13 mph
Wind Gust: 30 mph
Visibility: 0 km
Sunrise: 06:16
Sunset: 20:45

Way of Life

Enjoy a better quality of life in Greece

The original work-to-live location, Greece puts the life in quality of life. You’ll find after-work socialising options close by, whether you choose a digital nomad city life in Athens or Thessaloniki or the slower pace of an Aegean island.

Living in Greece means being surrounded by like-minded people who value wellbeing and work-life balance. The bars and cafes have the same laid-back atmosphere you’ll remember from your holidays and you’ll have no trouble making new friends.

Cost of living

Get the best value for money you can

Depending on where you’re coming from, Greece will likely afford you far more value for money than where you’re currently living. Beyond the government incentives to attract digital nomads to Greece, the cost of living for accommodation, transport, eating out and entertainment are well below the European Union average and many outdoor activities can be enjoyed without cost.


Be welcomed into the digital nomad community

Greeks have built a reputation for hospitality and generosity. They call it filoxenia – a love of strangers – and it’s at the heart of not being able to step into a household without being offered something to eat or drink. You’ll be made to feel at home when you become part of the digital nomad community in Greece, it’s as simple as that. And you’ll also be able to communicate easily, with English being widely spoken. Unless it’s to decline a treat.


Make Greek culture part of your life

Imagine being able to look up and see the Acropolis as you walk down the street? That’s how close culture will feel when you work remotely in Greece, with museums, archaeological sites and cultural experiences being a part of life everywhere you travel in the country. Except you won’t think of it as culture. It’ll feel more like tradition interwoven with Greek history, as you immerse yourself in all aspects of a country known as the cradle of western civilisation.


Feel healthier with the Mediterranean diet

The Mediterranean diet is rightly known as one of the healthiest in the world, but Greek food goes beyond the freshness and health benefits of its raw materials. You could say there’s been a culinary revolution in Greece, with talented chefs reinventing classics and regional products taking pride of place in delicatessens and on restaurant menus. Best of all, Greeks have an ‘any time of day’ approach to eating (especially sweets) and consider it something to be enjoyed with company. Breakfast (Greek style), lunch, dinner… let’s just say, you’ll be glad you came.

Things to Do

Explore mountain and sea all year round

Lunchtime or after-work swim? Up to you. Or maybe you just want to enjoy your beach view from the comfort of your laptop today. Just don’t forget that making the sea part of your day’s work in Greece isn’t just an island thing (the Athens Riviera is another well-kept secret). And you definitely won’t know that more than 80% of Greece is mountainous! So, getting active in nature at any time of year is right up there on the list of best things to do in Greece.

Internet speed

Internet speeds to challenge the messenger god Hermes

Internet speed in Greece has increased rapidly in recent years. The average download speed nationwide reached 27.01 Mbps in 2020, up 34.83% on the previous year. (Source: HYPERION developed by the Hellenic Telecommunications and Post Commission (ΕΕΤΤ) in collaboration with the Measurement Lab Partnership)

Fibre optic technology is now standard in many neighbourhoods and the 5G network offers 97% coverage in Athens and 90% in Thessaloniki, with the speed in some areas passing 1 Gbps.

By the end of 2021, 5G coverage is expected to reach 60% nationwide. As far as working remotely in Greece goes, it’s a game-changer.

Time Difference

Let’s speak at Greece o’clock

Sitting in the southeast of Europe, Greece uses Eastern European Time (UTC +02:00) meaning there are only 1-2hrs difference with all other European countries. So you’ll have no problem scheduling those calls and meetings and maintaining your work-life balance when you work in Greece. You could even sneak in a couple more hours’ sleep if you’re a night owl! Daylight saving time (which moves one hour ahead to UTC +03:00) is observed from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October, in line with other European countries.