3 Must-Visit Places in Greece for Digital Nomads

3 Must-Visit Places in Greece for Digital Nomads 🇬🇷👩‍💻

You got the Greece Digital Nomad Visa—congrats! 🎉 Now, where should you set up your laptop and enjoy the best that Greece has to offer? Whether you’re looking for the buzz of a big city, the charm of a small island, or a fresh new destination, Greece has it all. Pack your bags and get ready to discover Athens, Paros, and Evia, three places in Greece that are total game-changers for digital nomads. 🎒💻

Athens: The Big City Vibe 🏛

Athens is more than just an ancient city with historic ruins—it’s a bustling hub that offers an electrifying blend of the old and new. With high-speed internet cafes, coworking spaces, and plenty of networking events, it’s a digital nomad’s paradise. Plus, when work’s done, the city’s rich history, mouthwatering cuisine, and vibrant nightlife are there for you to explore. Let’s not forget, the metro system makes it super easy to roam around!

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Paros: Where the Living is Easy 🏝

If you’re after a more laid-back scene, then Paros is your place. This beautiful blue-and-white island is not just a pretty face—it’s affordable compared to other popular Greek islands. The serene environment makes it a fantastic spot for concentration. And when you need a break? Stunning beaches and quaint little tavernas await.

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Evia: The New Kid on the Block 🗺

Evia is an emerging destination that’s starting to catch the eye of digital nomads. This place offers a mix of mountains, beaches, and thermal springs. It’s quieter than other spots, providing a perfect backdrop for focused work. Plus, the local community is welcoming, giving you an authentic Greek experience.

So, whether you’re a history buff, a beach bum, or an explorer, Greece has a slice of paradise that fits your digital nomad lifestyle. Stay tuned as we dive deeper into where to work and what to see in these fantastic areas!


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Your Best Transit Options ✈️🚢

So, you’re pumped to explore Greece but wondering how to hop from one awesome place to another?

Greece makes it easy to get around, especially if you pick the right carriers. For flights, we can’t recommend AEGEAN Airlines enough. They fly to various destinations across Greece, and their ticket prices won’t make a hole in your pocket.

If you’re more of a sea person and love the idea of island hopping, then set sail with BLUE STAR FERRIES. Trust us, their ferries are so luxurious and comfortable, you’ll forget you’re even on a boat. It’s like a floating hotel! 🛳️💺

Must-Try Foods in Greece: 🍽️🇬🇷


  • Greek Salad: A cornerstone of Greek dining, this fresh ensemble of vegetables typically lays the foundation for every meal.
  • Fava: While it may evoke thoughts of hummus, Fava is a class apart. Crafted from yellow peas that simmer until they disintegrate naturally, imagine a creamy spread born from pea soup.
  • Skordalia: At first glance, it might be mistaken for mashed potatoes. Yet, it’s a healthier, garlic-infused delicacy crafted from bread, almonds, and potatoes.
  • Dakos: Essentially a salad, Dakos combines dry barley bread, crushed tomatoes, and feta. Each locale adds its unique twist, with some renditions echoing the charm of bruschetta.
  • Grilled Peppers: Far from fiery, these non-spicy delights make for a delightful, light accompaniment.
  • Saganaki: Imagine cheese grilled to perfection in a pan. The varieties may vary, but a consistent feature is its gooey interior and crisp exterior. The occasional drizzle of honey transforms it into a heavenly bite.
  • Dolmadakia: These are vine leaves lovingly stuffed, often enjoyed alongside the iconic Tzatziki And speaking of Tzatziki, seize every opportunity to relish it. Its rich texture and nuanced tang set it apart from conventional yogurt.
Greek Salad and Souvlaki

Visiting Athens Paros Evia as a Digital Nomad

And that’s a wrap on our digital nomad journey through Athens, Paros, and Evia.

Whether it’s the urban allure of Athens, the serene vibes of Paros, or Evia’s natural escapes, you’re set for an unforgettable experience.

So, pack your tech, prep your playlists, and get ready to blend work with Grecian adventure. See you out there, where every stop is a chance to create, connect, and explore. Safe travels!



We are Roza and Yarden, an Israeli couple who embarked on a digital nomad adventure in 2020. From working in the police force and in software development, to starting our own company that encompasses graphic design, blogging, and AI automation.

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