Athens for Digital Nomads: A Modern Odyssey in Work and Culture

Athens: The Big City Vibe 

Athens is more than just an ancient city with historic ruins—it’s a bustling hub that offers an electrifying blend of the old and new. With high-speed internet cafes, coworking spaces, and plenty of networking events, it’s a digital nomad’s paradise. Plus, when work’s done, the city’s rich history, mouthwatering cuisine, and vibrant nightlife are there for you to explore. Let’s not forget, the metro system makes it super easy to roam around!

Where to Stay: Coliving Selina Athens

Welcome to the cradle of civilization, Athens!  In the heart of this historic metropolis lies the crown jewel of Selina’s Greek offerings. Tucked away in a hipster haven, Selina Theatrou Athens stands proudly amidst the city’s vivacious pulse. Just a stroll away from the city’s culinary delights, here, every corner brims with the aromas of delectable Greek fare. As the day unfolds, digital nomads converge, turning the venue into a buzzing hub of connections, stories, and ideas. Dive into a plethora of events and activities crafted to foster bonds and kindle friendships. And as the sun dips below the horizon, ascend to Selina’s rooftop. There, bathed in the soft golden hue of the setting sun, stands the majestic Acropolis, offering a view that leaves one spellbound and in awe. 

What to Do and See in Athens: The complete guide 🏛️


  1. Acropolis: An iconic symbol of Athens, the Acropolis is an ancient citadel featuring the Parthenon and other significant architectural structures. Overlooking the city, it offers a profound glimpse into ancient Greek civilization.
  2. Odeon of Herodes Atticus: A stunning stone theatre built in 161 AD, it’s now the venue for music concerts and performances, capturing both historical essence and contemporary culture.
  3. Acropolis museum: Housing every artifact found on the rock of the Acropolis and its surrounding slopes, this museum offers a thorough understanding of the historical and architectural sequence of the sacred hill.
  4. Archaeological Museum: Dive deep into Greek history with an extensive collection of artifacts from prehistoric times through late antiquity, beautifully displayed in this world-renowned museum.
Acropolis museum
  1. Zappeion: A neoclassical building, often used for meetings and ceremonies, Zappeion is a symbol of modern Athens, standing amidst lush greenery.
  2. National Gardens: An oasis in the heart of the city, these gardens are perfect for leisurely strolls amidst diverse flora and fauna, coupled with some ancient ruins.
  3. Ancient Agora: A bustling marketplace in ancient times, this agora offers ruins of temples and an insight into daily life in ancient Athens.
  4. Roman Agora: Once the hub of administrative and commercial activity, the Roman Agora boasts beautiful monuments, including the Gate of Athena Archegetis.
National Gardens
  1. Panathenaic Stadium: Built entirely of marble, this stadium is a marvel of ancient architecture and the birthplace of the modern Olympic Games.
  2. Lycabettus Hill: Offering panoramic views of Athens, this hill is a must-visit for sunsets and a serene environment amidst the city’s hustle.
  3. Plaka neighborhood: Wander through Athens’ oldest district, characterized by its narrow streets, quaint houses, and lively tavernas.
  4. Pangrati neighborhood: An off-the-beaten-path area, Pangrati is an upcoming neighborhood known for its trendy bars, boutiques, and eateries.
Panathenaic Stadium
Pangrati neighborhood
  1. National Gallery – Alexandros Soutsos Museum: Delve into the world of Greek art, ranging from post-Byzantine to modern times, in this illustrious museum.
  2. Take an art street tour: Embrace Athens’ modern spirit by exploring vibrant street art, reflecting the city’s contemporary pulse. We did the tour with awesome Athens experiences and had so much fun!
  3. Eat the best Souvlaki in Athens at Elvis: Relish authentic Greek flavors with the most succulent Souvlaki at this famed eatery.
  4. Athens Street Food Festival: A paradise for food lovers, immerse yourself in local culinary delights, from traditional treats to modern twists.
National Gallery
Street art tour
  1. Traditional Greek restaurants: Experience the essence of Greek culture through delectable dishes served in the warmth of traditional settings.
  2. Monastiraki Square, Monastiraki Flea Market: A blend of history and commerce, shop for antiques, souvenirs, and unique finds in this bustling area.
  3. Rooftop Bars: Elevate your Athens experience by sipping on refreshing cocktails with breathtaking views of the cityscape.
  4. Psiri and the Little Kook theme: Explore Psiri, a lively neighborhood, and dive into the enchanting world of ‘Little Kook’, known for its fairy-tale-themed décor and desserts.
Monastiraki Square

Top 6 Traditional Greek Restaurants in Athens: 🍴🏺


  1. Karamanlidika: A culinary surprise awaits behind the façade of what seems like a meat shop. Venturing further reveals a spacious courtyard, setting the scene for a feast of delectable family recipes. To top it off, the impeccable service ensures a memorable dining experience.
  2. Atlantikos: Stepping into Atlantikos feels like being immersed in a bustling market ambiance. As one of Athens’ culinary landmarks, every dish here resonates with authenticity and unparalleled taste, justifying its widespread acclaim.
  3. Taverna Klimataria: This gem of a restaurant is perpetually abuzz with locals and tourists alike. Serving a medley of Greek delicacies, it’s no wonder seats are always in demand. Don’t forget to book in advance to savor their mouth-watering offerings!
  4. Avli: Nestled between two imposing structures lies Avli, a cheerful taverna with a touch of intrigue. The key to accessing this delightful eatery? A hidden entrance beckoning the curious diner.
  5. Lolos: Set against the unlikely backdrop of a commercial center, Lolos serves up unexpected culinary delights. The standout dishes, zucchini sticks, and eggplant salad, are testament to their culinary prowess, all delivered with impeccable service.
  6. Tis Theatrou to Steki: A unique dining rhythm defines this spot. Open bright and early at 6 am, it’s perfect for early risers or those looking for an unconventional mealtime. Despite its early closure at 6 pm, the quality and affordability of its dishes make it a must-visit.
Tis theatrou to steki

A Digital Nomad's City Guide to Athens

And there you have it, the digital nomad’s essential guide to thriving in Athens. This city is not just a historical treasure but also a burgeoning hub for remote workers from around the globe. With its blend of ancient charm and modern amenities, Athens is more than just a stop; it’s a place to stay, create, and be inspired. Whether you’re sipping coffee in Plaka or coding away with the Acropolis in view, remember that in Athens, you’re living in a postcard—and the story is yours to write. Until next time, nomads, keep connecting and exploring.

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