Evia’s Quiet Charm: A Nomad’s Work Haven

Evia: The New Kid on the Block 

Evia is an emerging destination that’s starting to catch the eye of digital nomads. This place offers a mix of mountains, beaches, and thermal springs. It’s quieter than other spots, providing a perfect backdrop for focused work. Plus, the local community is welcoming, giving you an authentic Greek experience.

Where to Stay: Coliving Selina Kaminos Evia

Have you heard of Coliving Selina kaminos Evia? Let’s get real, this place is a gem!  Imagine working in a former factory turned hotel that’s now a co-living space. Surrounded by lush forests, Selina gives you those picture-perfect sunset views right from your workspace. So, not only do you get Wi-Fi, but you also get “Sky-Fi” with those stunning sunsets! 

The co-working space is almost ready, and rumor has it that a full-blown community of digital nomads will be buzzing around by next season. Oh, and don’t forget to try out the outdoor activities while you’re there. Nature, work, and fun all in one place—what’s not to love? 

What to Do Around Evia: Embrace the Grecian Charm! 🌊🌞


  1. Limni: Dive into Color and Culture
    Walking through Limni feels like flipping through the vibrant pages of a fairy tale book. 📖✨ This small town bursts with colors, from pastel-hued houses to blooming flowers in every nook. Meandering through its narrow streets, you’d want to get lost, intentionally! And here’s the cherry on top: staying overnight in Limni is among the most pocket-friendly options in Greece. So, while your wallet thanks you, immerse yourself in the local vibe and experience Greece beyond the usual tourist spots.

  2. Monilia: The Hidden Oasis
    A hidden gem where sand meets rock, Monilia is a pristine beach located on a volcanic island. Frequently visited by boat trippers, this secluded paradise even boasts a cozy beach bar. Dive into tranquility and let the waves wash your worries away. Perfect for those seeking an off-the-beaten-path beach experience! 🏖️🌋🍹 🍃🤫
  1. Aidipsos and Thermal Baths: The Natural Spa of Greece

    Aidipsos is Famous for its natural thermal baths, this place is the perfect blend of relaxation and health benefits. The warm waters are believed to have therapeutic properties, making it a favorite among both tourists and locals. So, while you’re in Evia, don’t miss the chance to dip your toes (or maybe your whole self) in these rejuvenating waters.
    If you’re already in the area, we highly recommend that you visit a local tavern with delicious food, great service, and attractive prices – Ouzeri O Molos.
  1. Wine Tasting at Vriniotis Winery: Cheers to Grecian Grapes! 🍇🍷

    Nestled in the charming village of Yaltra in Northern Evia, you’ll find Vriniotis Winery, a special place for wine lovers. Not far from Edipsos, this winery offers an unforgettable experience. Take a stroll through the beautiful vineyards, explore the ancient press, wander the winery grounds, and discover the enchanting underground cellar. All of this, with a truly breathtaking view! 🍇🌅
Aidipsos and Thermal Baths
Vriniotis Winery

A Digital Nomad's City Guide to Evia

And that’s Evia for you, through a digital nomad’s lens. It’s a place where work flows as smoothly as the island’s natural springs. 

With ample spots to connect online and disconnect in nature, it’s a haven for those looking to balance their professional and personal life. 

Until next time, may your travels be productive and your discoveries in Evia inspiring. 

Keep exploring!



We are Roza and Yarden, an Israeli couple who embarked on a digital nomad adventure in 2020. From working in the police force and in software development, to starting our own company that encompasses graphic design, blogging, and AI automation.

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